February 8, 2021
Audition Prep Workshop Video
Georgia State University Stat.Ed Online Workshop Series
Georgia State University Stat.Ed Online Workshop Series

Love at First Sight - How to Adjust Quickly to an Organ

Whether it is for auditions, services, concerts or competitions, organists frequently have to perform on unknown instruments at all stages of their career, often with very limited rehearsal time.
This video presents tried and tested steps on how organists can prepare in advance for these situations, and what to do during their prep time at the instrument.
Together, this will allow them to adjust quickly to the organ at hand, realize its full potential in a short time, and perform at their very best under pressure.

Link to the video.

Questions or Comments? Contact me at jkorndoerfer@gsu.edu or (+1)404-228-7731

For more information on the GSU organ program click here: https://music.gsu.edu/organ-performance-2/

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