Organist creates waves of excitement.

In his 29 years, organist Jens Korndoerfer already made a name for himself far beyond his country’s borders…And the visit to the Bayreuth Conservatory paid off tremendously for the numerous public. In this concert, everybody got one’s money worth, for in his musical journey from Bach to Messiaen, Korndoerfer covered the most diverse compositions and styles…
[In Buxtehude and Bach], the organist convinced [his audience] not only with his brilliant technique but also through his clear and structured way of playing…
In the last work of the evening, Korndoerfer could once again display his entire skills. Sergei Prokofiev’s Toccata op. 11 in an arrangement by Jean Guillou requires a perfectly polished technique and a high-speed motion sequence for hands and feet, which Korndoerfer mastered to the highest degree.
Not surprisingly, the public let him go only after showing their rapturous appreciation and being finally treated to non other than Widor’s famous Toccata from the 'Fifth Symphony'.

Nordbayerischer Kurier