AGO OrganFest 2020

AGO OrganFest 2020 is just three weeks away! Jens is honored to premiere June Nixon's Intrada – St. Anne together with trumpeters Stuart Stephenson and Mike Tiscione on Monday, July 20, at 8pm (EDT).


I'm so excited about & grateful for the latest addition to our collection of instruments at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, an amazing Steinway D Concert Grand!


The June issue of The American Organist includes a review of my latest CD Windows of the Spirit:

"Korndö a virtuoso in the grand Romantic tradition, plumbing the depths of demanding repertoire with no trace of empty display, rather creating performances that are deeply musically satisfying as well as exciting..."

During the concert at Taulumäki Church in Jyväskylä, Finland, on February 6, 2020.

Four new videos from my recent concerts in Edinburgh (St. Giles' Cathedral), Pori (Central Church) and Jyväskylä (Taulumäki Church).


Apply now for graduate studies in organ at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Full tuition assistant ships available.


The internet radio station Organroxx is going to broadcast my latest CD Windows of the Spirit.


Windows of the Spirit, the first recording on the renovated and enlarged Klais/Schlueter organ (IV/112) at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, is now on sale online.

Click here for links to the different platforms.

Jens Korndörfer at the console of the Rieger/Seifert organ (IV/73) at Abtei Marienstatt, Germany

The magnificent Rieger/Seifert organ (IV/73) at Abtei Marienstatt was the perfect instrument for Ives' spectacular Variations on 'America'.

At the console of the Venetian Organ (Franz Zanin, 1995) in Salzburg Cathedral.

Three live recordings on the stunning Venetian Organ at Salzburg Cathedral from the first part of my concert on July 30, 2019.

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