Jens Korndörfer
March 22, 2019
New Video: Romantic Bach
Seifert organ (149 stops), Marienbasilika, Kevelaer, Germany
Seifert organ (149 stops), Marienbasilika, Kevelaer, Germany
Hennie Vaatstra

For my recent concert on the magnificent Seifert organ (149 speaking stops!) in the Marienbasilika in Kevelaer (Germany), I decided to include Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata in F, BWV 540. Instead of playing this piece in the usual historically informed way, my interpretation on this occasion was inspired by the late Romantic school (Straube, Schweitzer, Vierne...), which makes full use of the resources of the instruments of the time. Given that the Seifert organ was originally built in 1905-07, this is how Bach would have been performed on this instrument at the time.

Not surprisingly, the result is absolutely stunning: the numerous crescendi and descrescendi are seemless, the dramatic build-ups from a soft whisper to a thundering roar are organic and spine-tingling.

Many thanks to Erik Bakker for the excellent audio recording - Enjoy!

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