23 July 2024

Alleluia Conference


July 23-26


Baylor University


Session Topics Jens Korndörfer 

More than Four-Part Harmony: Creative Hymn Playing I

Modulating, transposing & re-harmonizing exercises to help you ‘step up’ your last verse.

More than Four-Part Harmony: Creative Hymn Playing II

What to do if a hymn has 6 verses? Varied hymn accompaniments to create variety in congregational singing with more than just registration changes. 

Easy Improvisations Based on Great Models

Bach ‘copied’ from other composers to create his own masterworks – we will follow the same principle to create our own improvisations.

How to Build & Expand a Concert Series

In his previous position, Dr. Korndörfer grew the concert series from 4 to 18 concerts per season; in this class he will share how he accomplished this.

Tips & Tricks for Small Organs

Tired of always hearing the same sounds? There are many creative ways to maximize the resources of small organs and make them sound like larger instruments.


Participants play a piece of their choice and receive guidance on technical and musical questions from Dr. Korndörfer. 

Pedal Technique (not just) for Pianists

Build confidence in using your feet with these exercises and tips that will develop or improve your skills on the pedal board.

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Organ Clinician at Baylor University's Annual Alleluia Conference, organized by the Dunn Center for Christian Music Studies

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