New Degree Program: Artist Certificate in Organ

15 December 2021

We are excited to announce the addition of the Artist Certificate degree to the thriving organ program at Georgia State University.

Interested students are invited to apply now for enrollment in fall 2022.

The Artist Certificate in Organ is a one-year post-master’s program that will be open to exceptional students who are ready for doctoral- or professional-level instruction but do not wish to pursue a doctoral degree in music at the moment. Students would hold the master’s degree and/or have significant professional experience.

With its outstanding collection of stylistically varied pipe organs in the many churches in the area, Atlanta offers exceptionally talented organists perfect conditions for in-depth studies of a large repertoire for career, competition or interview preparation.

The curriculum emphazises intensive, individualized instruction in performance and at least one recital.

Since 2019, GSU offers Bachelor and Master's degrees in organ. Current and former students hail from the US, Korea, the Bahamas, and Russia.

Please contact area coordinator Dr. Jens Korndörfer at for more information.